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Happy 2013 everyone!

Have a great January everyone in 2013! Thank you all of you who voted for the posts to stay. I did indeed decide to keep them up and also to keep the blog alive sort of. It’ll be a place for my random artistic musings and announcements on projects. This year I launch my own … Continue reading

Happy holidays & blog termination

Happy Holidays to everyone! I’ve been on hiatus to concentrate on the holidays. As for the most of us the end of the year is the time to reflect on what happened that year and to think about how we want to spend the next year. As this year I’m turning 30 I’m thinking about … Continue reading

Purple water

I posted it already back when I just started blogging and I think I created this image around the time of the Tsunami in Japan. Now that Sandy is in full force in the US I got reminded about this image I made back then. Though I guess they have better things to do than … Continue reading

Holiday, updates, cave paintings and such..

I’ve been silent for a few days due to holiday kicking in full force but I’ve been busy nevertheless with new commissions, my own book illustration and setting up a permanent home for my activities since a blog is a blog and website is a website still. Meantime I found a nice article on human … Continue reading

One lovely blog award~ some blogs I like & bit of opinion

I’m once again awarded a Lovely Blog Award this time by Enchanted Pen! Thank you! I’m aware that some bloggers here on WordPress don’t like to get any awards, going as far as to clearly state it on their profiles.  Though it’s their business I cannot for the life of me see why anyone wouldn’t like … Continue reading

@Flypaperpaint on Twitter

  New Twitter page is now open. Follow @Flypaperpaint for news, instant blog post notifications and Twitter specific goodies.

End of summer hiatus – sort of..

Welcome back everyone! Hope all of you had a great vacation. Summer is almost over and though I intend to come back fully to blogging my “adventures” in the realms of drawing, the end of August and September will be a bit hectic so prepare for longer silences on my part. (This is due to … Continue reading

Small break of my summer hiatus -sort of..

  I break my summer posting hiatus with a short notice on some changes and info around my blog and activities. I want to start with thanking Mystylayne for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. All in all this is my 4th award here on WordPress (I think) and I feel honoured with every … Continue reading

Summer hiatus-well sort of..

Since we’re well in summer here I go on for a summer hiatus which means I won’t be regularly updating this blog only whenever I’ll feel like it. I’ll still be around reading posts, comments and maybe even posting here and there and such just don’t expect regular updates till August/September. If you, for whatever … Continue reading

Second time Beautiful Blogger Award:)

Another award I got from OnlineFunLand some time ago but due to the interesting workings of the comment function of WordPress I only now become aware of it. Never mind, better late than never:) Since I posted my next round of awarded blogs a few days ago for another blog award I will not do that this … Continue reading

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