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Life is precious


Purple water

I posted it already back when I just started blogging and I think I created this image around the time of the Tsunami in Japan. Now that Sandy is in full force in the US I got reminded about this image I made back then. Though I guess they have better things to do than … Continue reading

Those dreadful artist statements..

After much consideration I finally finished my artist statement. I’m not the only artist who has a problem with the whole statement thing. Visual arts -as the name suggests- are to be enjoyed and more importantly to be understood visually. They’re not there to be debated through words. That of course isn’t completely true all … Continue reading

Holiday, updates, cave paintings and such..

I’ve been silent for a few days due to holiday kicking in full force but I’ve been busy nevertheless with new commissions, my own book illustration and setting up a permanent home for my activities since a blog is a blog and website is a website still. Meantime I found a nice article on human … Continue reading

One lovely blog award~ some blogs I like & bit of opinion

I’m once again awarded a Lovely Blog Award this time by Enchanted Pen! Thank you! I’m aware that some bloggers here on WordPress don’t like to get any awards, going as far as to clearly state it on their profiles.  Though it’s their business I cannot for the life of me see why anyone wouldn’t like … Continue reading

Fantasy illustrations, cards and calendars as prints

New shops are now open. More works will be added regularly. There’ll be gift cards and calendars for 2013 too. Redbubble Shop

@Flypaperpaint on Twitter

  New Twitter page is now open. Follow @Flypaperpaint for news, instant blog post notifications and Twitter specific goodies.

Fallen Flowers

I’m no photographer, neither I have any interest to become one, but these fallen flowers on my window frame were screaming to be photographed.

Baba Yaga’s wisdom

Since very early age I’m fascinated by the thousands of portrayals of witches across cultures. (I’m not talking about the religious execution of “witches” in history but the witches in  mythology.)  In my mind the character of the “witch” is actually the archetype of the outcast woman. She encompasses all the things and characteristics that people are … Continue reading


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