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Children’s book for Christmas.

I’m predominantly a painter/illustrator but I do wander into the realms of writing once in a while. My newest work is a children’s book which I not only illustrate but I’m the author too. The book is called “The merchant of Dreams“. Those who read my blog regularly may remember that I shared the first … Continue reading

The 8 o’clock news

  Just a fun doodle..

Small break of my summer hiatus -sort of..

  I break my summer posting hiatus with a short notice on some changes and info around my blog and activities. I want to start with thanking Mystylayne for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. All in all this is my 4th award here on WordPress (I think) and I feel honoured with every … Continue reading

Casting call!! London (UK)

Wishbone Entertainment will be shooting a horror web series pilot on the 30th of September and want YOU to be involved! Set in a post-apocalyptic London filled with zombies, our story is about a Mother and Father trying to escape their daughter who has become a zombie and is hunting them.  At the same time they must deal with their loss and grief. This is a TFP project for both the cast and crew, we are however offering an incredible showreel piece in return. Travel expenses are provided, though they must be agreed upon in advance. Some of the succesful applicants will have a facial and dental casting session done the same day. Casting for young girl zombie, background zombies, father, mother Contact me with your info if  interested.

Mind the rhetoric: “women in the entertainment industry”

An article that appeared on National Post (Canada) shocked the North American comedy circles so much in the last days that they’re now abuzz with comments and opinions about how women are represented or rather underrepresented in stand-up comedy and in case they do appear on stage, whether they really need to appear sexually unattractive … Continue reading

Creative Commons and my old music catalog

Before I started to work as a designer I created music as a hobby. Even though after a year hiatus I decided not to continue with it I thought it would be a nice idea to make my old catalog available again as downloadable creative commons. I think Creative Commons is the structure that can … Continue reading

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