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Urban (street) art stickers

I’m not a fan of graffiti and stickers plastered all over the beautifully and freshly painted buildings but you can’t deny that they’re very unique art forms that should have a (legal) place in any city. The 22 catch in it is that these artworks were born out of illegality and/or general resistance to mainstream culture so giving them walls and derelict buildings to graffiti or plaster over legally will take out this element entirely thus making these artworks no more in meaning than any other painting that hangs in a gallery. The solution could be if more and more shops and urban places and even municipalities recognised the importance of giving a chance for underground voices to be heard. Speciality shops, trendy ruin bars and art centres may provide a place for these works to be seen but they’re visited  by people who are already susceptible to the underground cultural scene but the general public can’t be reached by them. Of course we need to separate artists from hooligans whose only goal is getting their daily thrill and marking their territory.

I’m not sure what the real solution could be. If we allow anyone to put on our walls whatever they wanted, the cities will be cluttered by all kinds of writings and images that will only result in chaos and dirt. On the other hand graffiti and stickers are important part of a city’s life giving voice to issues (different social issues, politics, feminism, etc.,) that would otherwise not be widely discussed. Not to mention that sometimes these works are of very high quality and people walking on the streets can feel they are in an open gallery. And what can be more satisfying for an artist than having thousands of people every day seeing their works? Of course not everyone will stop to examine them, to find out their meaning and not every street artist mark their work to be recognizable but still a city is a gallery on its own and we should try to find a solution to this problem.

That being said, recently while scouting for a location suitable for some zombie fun, I spent some time staring at images of derelict buildings and urban decay and I decided  to make some stickers too. Enjoy!


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