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Indie film promotion opportunity: Hache-Tag Promotions

I came across a great site that intends to promote indie films and filmmakers by giving them a platform with interviews, photos etc. You may ask that while we have Youtube and the more industry oriented Vimeo, why would we need a platform for just that, but I’m sure anyone trying to get publicity or even funding for an indie feature, completely understands the necessity of it. It’s hard to get the word out there, mainly because there’re more indie films are being made nowadays (which is in itself a good thing) but their audience is pretty much limited to people who are either in the filmmaking industry themselves or they’re already interested in them somehow.

The site “Hache-Tag Promotions”  is run by Hache L. Jones, a retired theatrical agent  now living in France and it aims to utilize the capacity of Hache’s vast circle of general friends and acquantances to get the word out there. The site is still in the making, but it already features two great indie features. She takes on the promotion of these indies on a one-by-one basis, completely free of charge which is in itself an act of good deed, since most indie filmmakers lack funding anyways for their films, they certainly don’t have money to spend on promotions.

The site is here and as I mentioned earlier is still in the making so the design is quite basic at the moment but  I took on the task to design a new shiny header for it and in the long run I hope the site will serve a good landing page for anyone interested in new and independent cinema. Also make sure to check out her interesting personal blog which chronicles her retirement to France and also has a section where she focuses on the actors themselves.


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2 thoughts on “Indie film promotion opportunity: Hache-Tag Promotions

  1. This is fabulous! So glad there’s a platform like this because what you say about Youtube and Vimeo are so true. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted by mistylayne | June 7, 2012, 1:27 pm

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